Photo: Phine Ka, Model: Anouk, Mua : Artmission

Perfection is so.... "mmm" Photo: Kameleon Photography, Model: Ioana Chiper, MUA: Artmission

First photo shoot 2015 ;):D photo: Florian Käfmüller
model: Lu Buro MUA: Artmission

Photography: Jonna Är // http://jonna.photo/
Models: Lyndsey Lupe & Sinan Aksu
Make up & Hair: Artmission Styling & Art Direction: Netta Mattila // Oh Mini I am

Photo: Kameleon Photography, Model: Gorodn Hasse, MUA: Artmission

Photo: Melanie Klippe Fotodesign, Model: Sophie M, Designers: Julie Blue, Madison Ashton, MUA: Artmission

Long weekend ;) small backstage from project I did durning weekend !;)

Soon news from my cooperation with Milla on her Lookbook!

From today backstage with Fania and Lucy A!;)

Today backstage! It's so natural to pose and lye down on staircase. Hmm ... ;p German said :" macht spaß":p

Bildboard for BerlinerzentralTheater for new play ;)

Small piece - shoot for Mercedes Benz! ;) maybe is not here any crazy make-up work but it was nice experience!;)